The Norwegian Parking Appeal Tribunal

The purpose of Parkeringsklagenemnda («Parking Appeal Tribunal») is to provide fast, costless and reliable decisions in consumer disputes regarding penalty charges (kontrollsanksjoner).

Parkeringsklagenemnda has been given authority in regulation («Forskrift») 18.3. 2016 no. 260 concerning parking regulation and the regulation of parking for the public. The regulations concerning Parkeringsklagemnda has its roots in the ADR directive. (DIRECTIVE 2013/11/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL)

Parkeringsklagenemnda is an independent administrative tribunal. Parkeringsklagenemnda considers the case on the basis of written presentation, and the parties do not attend the meetings. The decisions are then served to the parties. Decisions from Parkeringsklagenemnda become binding and enforceable four weeks from the time the decision is served, unless one or both parties file a suit to the District Court within the deadline.

If the firm that issued the charge rejects your appeal, you can lodge an appeal with Parkeringsklagenemnda. Only the driver or the rightful owner of the vehicle can contest the charge.

Challenging online

If you believe you received a wrongfully issued penalty charge, you first have to appeal to the firm that issued the charge.

For penalty charges issued in 2016, use this link.

For penalty charges issued in 2017, use this link.

Challenging by post or e-mail

If you believe you received a wrongfully issued penalty charge, you first have to appeal to the firm that issued the charge.

Please state your reason for appeal and enclose any supporting documents. The appeal must be sent to the Parking Appeal Tribunal within 1 year from the date you originally challenged the charge with the issuing firm.

After receiving the decision

Our working language is Norwegian. You can write your appeal in English, but you will get the decision in Norwegian.

When you get the decision you have to sign the enclosed document; “Postforkynning med mottakskvittering” and return the document in the envelope that you also will find enclosed. If you do not sign and return the document, a bailiff or a policeman may come to your address or your working address to make sure that you are aware of the decision and sign the documents.

If you don’t settle with the decision, you can appeal to the court (Tingretten) no later than four weeks after you get the decision.

About us

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Our phone number is +47 22 39 68 45. The phone line is open from monday to friday between 13:00 and 15:00, Central European Time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.