Challenging your penalty charge by e-mail.

  • Step one

    Check that you fulfil the requirements for submitting a complain to Parkeringsklagenemnda.

    • You must have already complained to the parking company, and received a rejection.
      • Alternatively, you must have complained and waited for the parking company’s answer for 8 weeks and still not have received an answer.
    • The complaint must be about a penalty charge «Kontrollsanksjon» or a towed vehicle. If the complaint is about a parking fine «Parkeringsgebyr», the complaint will not be admissable to Parkeringsklagenemnda.
  • Step two

    Download our English complaint form. Note that all fields marked with a star (*) must be filled for a complaint to be admitted to Parkeringsklagenemnda.

  • Step three

    • Send the filled form, along with any supporting documents, to our e-mail:
    • Alternatively, if you wish to send your complaint by post, you can mail it to:

    Øvre Slottsgate 18-20
    0157 Oslo